Photorealistic go board with JavaScript


Site rewritten with 11ty

The old WordPress site has been removed and a new, simpler one written with help of 11ty.

Old comments and API help for previous jGoBoard versions are unfortunately gone, but as they were over 7 years old, I don't think many will miss them. Enjoy the new speedy site!

jGoBoard 3 released!

BIG news: jGoBoard 3 is now released and available at GitHub:


It is a complete rewrite of jGoBoard using HTML5 canvas. This means greatly improved performance, as over 1000 divs are no longer needed. This should especially help tablet and smartphone users. A few other feature highlights:

I am still in progress of improving the SGF player subsystems so the jgoboard.com SGF viewer will for the moment run on 2.1, but for direct users of jGoBoard the current 3.1 is ready to use. Licensing is the same Creative Commons Non-commercial as for 2.1. Take a look at the demos: